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Meet the team: Natalie Tennant

12 Feb 2024

What is your role at Resene and what does it involve?

My role is a Resene Trade Representative in Sydney New South Wales. Sydney is such a large territory and I look after a patch that encompasses many suburbs from our busy Artarmon store around North Sydney up to the end of the stunning Northern Beaches peninsula.

My clients are diverse and range from not only applicators, but also builders, designers and architects.

Tell us about some of your favourite projects using Resene products.

Part of my role is providing samples of our products and I love applying the beautiful Resene wood stains and assisting with application techniques. I was able to produce some beautiful samples for one of my favourite projects, Waterfront Tavern at Shell Cove, about two hours south of Sydney. It’s a new residential build in Illawarra’s ultimate waterfront dining destination. Waterfront Tavern is the jewel in Shellharbour Marina’s stunning new development and on this project, we used Resene wood stains in the shade Resene Tiri and Resene Pitch Black on the entire interior and exterior of this spectacular space.

What is your biggest design or product tip?

I am a big believer in researching products and exploring the technical support and advice that is available when deciding to employing a product. Always read the label on a can of paint prior to use and or a products data sheet, this is where the best information can be obtained.

Can you recommend a couple of great Resene products for our readers?

I love using creative finishes that allow you to achieve a more dimensional and interesting effect on a surface and we have the perfect product called Resene FX Paint Effects Medium. This is a great product that allows you the freedom to create and transform a space into something creative and spectacular. Resene FX Paint Effects Medium also has the benefits of hiding imperfections on surfaces while creating your masterpiece in any of your favourite Resene colours in the desired effect you are trying to achieve.

Resene SpaceCote Clear is another favourite, this is a low sheen clear that brings an enamel style toughness to your broadwall areas and is great to use on dark and heavily pigmented colours. Resene SpaceCote Clear can act as a superficial coat to protect these areas from marking and scuff marks that can be quite common when using dark colours such as black. 

What is your favourite Resene colour?

I’ve been with Resene for 15 years now and there are too many to list. Each time we launch a new range it’s so easy to find new favourites to play with.

I’m loving the Resene Colorwood pastel style washes from the Resene We Speak Beach collection. These have great names like Resene Becalm and Resene Breathe Easy.  I also love working with dirty greens, blues and warm neutrals like Resene Pumice, Resene Undercover, Resene Gothic, Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Resene Half Tana and Resene Zeus.

Get in touch with Natalie: [email protected]

Published: 12 Feb 2024