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Learn how to preserve your home’s heritage in our latest podcast episode

13 Jun 2024

habitat by Resene’s new podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, is here to help you with all your decorating projects – big and small, inside and out!

In our latest episode, Preserving your home’s heritage, Resene Colour Expert Becca Long talks through the 'rules' of heritage home decoration and how to break them to great effect.

The Resene Heritage Colour Palette helps owners of heritage homes create a colour scheme authentic to the age of their home. Whether you want to recreate an exact colour scheme or mix and match to bring in a subtle influence from the past, Resene can help you find that perfect palette.

You don’t have to have a heritage home to enjoy heritage colours either! Becca explains how these traditional shades can be brought into modern homes and where they work best.

If you’re not sure where to start, head into your local Resene ColorShop and take a colour palette home to see how the colours feel in each space. Using testpots can also help you with your colour choices. Paint a large piece of card that you can move around your space to see how it looks throughout different times of the day.

Tune in to see what Becca’s favourites are in the Resene Heritage range and why they are a great choice for a home. You’ll learn how different people are drawn to different hues and how environment and emotions can affect the colours we choose.

If you’re just starting out choosing a colour palette and are not sure where to begin, this podcast is for you!

Listen below or tune in on iHeart radio or Spotify.

For the full podcast series, click here. 

Published: 13 Jun 2024