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Three’s The Block NZ recap: kids’ bedrooms get a colour kick

02 Aug 2018

And they’ve done it again! For the third time in a row, Amy and Stu won room reveal – this time with a pink and gold kid’s bedroom that made the judges go “wow”. All in all, it was a colourful week, with teams getting creative with feature walls and bold Resene colours. Here’s how they turned out:

Amy & Stu (Winner)
House 4:

With a striking circle painted in Resene FX Gold Dust on an apricot pink Resene Tuft Bush wall, the judges’ first impressions of this kid’s bedroom were, “wow - you’ve done it again”.

The judges thought that the wall colour was sensational, and one that’s so on trend right now, working beautifully with the metallic gold feature paint. They also loved that Amy and Stu’s styling is of the “more is more” approach.

The team also created a loft above the bedroom, which can be reached by ladder. Judge Jason said the loft design just takes this room to the next level – a 10-year-old would love it and it’s so versatile. The loft’s plywood walls and ceilings are finished in Resene Aquaclear.

Judge Kristina fell in love with the room, saying that the pattern, colours, textures and the different materials just work so well.

Claire & Agni
House 1:

Although judges noted that this week’s room reveal was a huge improvement on last week’s, it was a shame some of the finishing was a bit rough.

Despite this, Jason thought the Avatar theme was brilliant, using Resene Hippie Blue and Resene Half Turbo to create a themed feature wall. They liked the colour blocking on the walls and thought their use of the Resene Write-on Wall Paint to create a whiteboard style wall was cute. 

Claire and Agni added tongue and groove panelling to the bedhead area, also painted in Resene Hippie Blue, which the judges thought was a nice idea and helped add more colour to the room.

They also liked the choice of bed and thought that having a pull-out mattress was a good option. 

Ben & Tom
House 2:

This week, the lads chose to create a 15-year-old boy’s room. They didn’t hold back, with a feature wall in deep blue Resene Blue Night against walls in Resene Half Sea Fog, and study nook and wood panelling skylight finished in Resene Aquaclear.

The judges remarked on the nice use of a strong colour on the walls and felt that the wood panelling detail around the skylight was “fabulous”. It’s also great that they carried the same material to the study nook. Once again, they were impressed by the recessed curtain header detail and they thought that the drapes were a good choice.

The team refurbished a skateboard, finished in Resene FX Nightlight, giving a soft glow in the dark effect.

Chlo & Em
House 3:

“What a really brave choice of colour.” This was the judges’ first impression of Chlo and Em’s room, with walls painted in Resene Undercover and ceiling painted in Resene Double Alabaster.

The judges also thought the built-in header wall was “fab” and the little alcoves with the lights in them were a lovely detail.

Kristina’s favourite part of the room was the wooden desk, saying it was very practical and the colour of the timber really warmed up the room.

Jason also loved how the team built in the skylights to add some light into the room. And taking the colour on the wall all the way to the top was really clever, as it tied everything together.

Overall, the judges felt the room was hard to fault apart from some of the finishing.

Furniture from Freedom Furniture. Flooring from Carpet Court.

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