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May Time’s on-trend showroom: Using colour to set the scene

10 Jun 2024

Within the ever-changing world of interior design, creating captivating spaces that resonate with current trends while maintaining timeless appeal is a fine art. Alongside their prestigious European brands and in-house creations, the team at May Time pick out the most striking and on-trend Resene paint colours for the backdrop in their Auckland showroom. 

May Time, a leading wholesale supplier of furniture, lighting and homewares to retail and interior designers across New Zealand, has made a significant mark with their 'classic contemporary' aesthetic, perfectly aligned with New Zealand’s design sensibilities.

The earthy green of Resene Kelp complements May Time’s chocolate stained Plantation Collection.

Resene Kelp is the perfect on-trend green creating a stunning contrast with May Time’s neutral toned accessories.

May Time’s design philosophy is deeply embedded in their collaboration with celebrated European design houses such as Broste Copenhagen, Kristina Dam Studio, and Sika Design from Denmark, Pure Furniture from The Netherlands and Kenneth Cobonpue from The Philippines. This eclectic mix, combined with their own in-house brands, forms a rich tapestry of design that is both sophisticated and approachable.

The decision on the overall look of their showroom is a careful process. Each season, May Time coordinates the walls and backdrop of their interior space to the colours of their newest accessories and furniture. The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, for example, introduced stunning chocolate-stained rattan furniture, which was paired with the deep, earthy green of Resene Kelp. This design choice brought an instant update and warmth to their showroom, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend global trends with local tastes.

The mix of dark browns, neutrals and the earthy green of Resene Kelp created a stunning space in the showroom.

Proving that colour makes all the difference in a space, Resene Kelp creates a seamless backdrop for May Time’s exquisite home products.

In pursuit of a 'wow factor' for the central part of their showroom, May Time consistently employ two contrasting colours to create visual interest and excitement. Currently, Resene Kelp is paired with a warm and timeless neutral, Resene Double Blanc, creating the perfect contrast and separating spaces of the showroom, just like you would at home or in a retail setting.

In this space, a feature wall in Resene Kelp is paired with walls in Resene Double Blanc, a warm and inviting  neutral.

Creating inspiration for designers, May Time showcase their stunning homeware range against on-trend colours. The left wall is in Resene Kelp and right wall in Resene Double Blanc.

Complementing these choices, the rear wall and entrance are painted with a gentle olive tone, Resene Quarter Evolution, and the stairwell is adorned with slightly darker olive leaf shade, Resene Easy Rider. These two colours not only ensure a cohesive look, but one that remains stylish and relevant across multiple seasons as they swap out the colours in their main showroom space.

May Time’s use of Resene paints is central to their showroom transformations. The team refresh their trade showroom every six months to incorporate new ranges and seasonal colours. Resene’s extensive palette serves as a primary source of inspiration, allowing May Time to select the perfect hues for their feature walls.

The entrance to the showroom is adorned with Resene Quarter Evolution, a mercurial gentle olive, welcoming designers into the space.

The stairwell leading to the large showroom is painted in Resene Easy Rider, a slightly more wild olive tone with depth and beauty.

Among their favourite Resene colours, the greens hold a special place for the May Time team. They particularly favour Resene Kelp, Resene Quarter Evolution, and Resene Easy Rider, currently adorning their workspace. These shades not only reflect current trends but also resonate well with interior designers who frequently inquire about them. The low sheen of Resene Zylone Sheen further enhances the visual appeal, providing a smooth and elegant finish that highlights the beauty of May Time’s products.

By continuously evolving their showroom with the latest trends and timeless classics, they provide an ever-inspiring backdrop for their exquisite range of furniture and homewares. This harmonious blend of exceptional products and thoughtful colour selection ensures that May Time remains a standout name in New Zealand’s interior design landscape.

See May Time’s exquisite range online, or book an appointment to visit their showroom.

Published: 10 Jun 2024