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Bring the vibrant tones of autumn into your next project

10 May 2024

With autumn’s arrival comes an invitation to indulge in the rich and earthy tones the season brings. Inspiration is all around us – from the falling red leaves to the twilight skies – and bringing these shades indoors allows us to connect with nature while embracing the changing seasons.

With a mix of fall inspired Resene colour and nood furniture, you can add warmth to interiors along with decadent textures, bold tones and lounging pieces that also carry your clients through the cooler seasons ahead.

The ever-popular neutral scheme is timeless in both homes and commercial settings, especially when you choose a charming linen shade like Resene Albescent White. It also means your clients can add their own style and personality through furniture and accessories, like the Finnian 2-Seat Chaise and Sashka Swivel Chair from nood.

The essence of Autumn can be captured in the finer details – wooden accents, indulgent fabrics and of course pieces designed for comfort. Whether you’re designing a home, office or commercial space, a timeless piece of furniture will last all year round, even if you’re basing the design and palette from this cooling season.

This Finnian 2-Seat Chaise from nood could be the perfect burst of colour and quirkiness your space needs. Paired with a timeless white like Resene Albescent White, it becomes a focal point in the room, inviting guests or customers to sit down.

The addition of nostalgic fabrics like corduroy and velvet are back in style, and with them they bring a sense of comfort to both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to introduce bold statement pieces, adding character, charm and rich tones that will excite and inspire your clients.

If you’re looking for other shades to try this autumn that will also work well throughout the colder months, give these a go: Resene Cashmere, Resene Whiskey Sour, Resene Tuscany and Resene Cinnamon, Resene Ravine, Resene Cabbage Pont, Resene Olive Green and Resene Mangrove.

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Published: 10 May 2024