Clayton and Melanie-Jane's renovated railway house

Published: 21 Apr 2011

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Home is where the art is

Before their renovation, Clayton and Melanie-Jane's 1920s railway bungalow was painted pink, had no internal doors ("Still a mystery!" laughs Melanie-Jane) and a formica kitchen. It is virtually unrecognisable now. The back of the house has been extended to create a spacious living area and a large back deck. The kitchen, bathrooms and laundry have been modernised, and the front porch has been enclosed to create a playroom for the couple's two young children. The old house now perfectly hits the spot between stylish modern abode and cosy family home.

Throughout their house, Resene Merino walls and a stunning Resene Guardsman Red feature wall show off Clayton and Melanie-Jane's vast collection of art. Most of the works are colourful and quirky, complementing the children's bright paintings and fun family photographs. Modern and retro treasures are everywhere, and give the home an abundance of personality and character. It comes as no surprise that Melanie-Jane is the owner of The Poi Room, which specialises in New Zealand art - it seems like the perfect job for someone with such a keen eye for beautiful objects. "I love many, many things," she admits.

How would you describe your  design style? A bit of old, mixed with a bit of new. We love being surrounded by things that make us feel at home.

What was the greatest success in the renovation? We can fit lots of artwork on the walls! Hooray!

What was the biggest challenge? Re-piling the house. Clayton’s DIY was hard work.

Which space do you get your greatest satisfaction from? Sitting on the deck, watching the children play in the backyard. And in winter, the fireplace in the living room is gorgeous - we love it!

Why did you make these colour choices?Resene Merino is very easy to live with, and lets the artwork stand out beautifully. The lovely Resene Guardsman Red came about as it matched our fridge, and created warmth. For the kitchen/dining area, red is great for stimulating conversation and also appetite!

What are you planning to change in your home interior next? We would love some new cool chairs for our kitchen table.

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The Poi Room Photography by Dallas Pickering Get the look: Use Environmental Choice approved Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen on walls and Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel paint on trims and joinery. Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free is ideal for bedrooms, with a low sheen finish and no unwanted volatile organic compounds. When doing a feature wall, mask off the adjacent wall area, then remove the masking tape before the paint dries. This will help you to get a nice clean edge to your paint finish.

Fully booked

In a corner of the living room, a day bed is made even more inviting with a handy stack of books.

Kiwi corner

A corner of the dining room displays treasures that Melanie-Jane has collected over the years.

Art house

The Resene Merino walls show off the couple's many works of art, including a Liam Barr print that was given to Melanie-Jane for her birthday.

Front row seats

The main bedroom continues the theme: red as an accent colour, paired with an eclectic mixture of modern and vintage.

Sweet dreams

A child's bedroom is filled with colourful textiles and art.

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Resene Guardsman Red

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