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Listen in to Episode Four of If These Walls Could Talk

28 Feb 2024

The fourth episode of habitat by Resene’s brand new podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, is ready and waiting for you to listen and you won’t want to miss it!

In this episode we discuss ‘knowing your why’ when it comes to colour and design choice.

Sometimes colour is the last thing you should be thinking about when planning a room makeover. Interior designer Megan Harrison-Turner shares the list of questions she asks well before the colour conversation starts.

Before deciding on a colour, what should you consider? The function? Aspect? Lighting? Light and colour are married together. Our light is very sharp so the colours should be more greyed off to counteract that.

What should you start with when choosing colour in a room? You might be surprised to hear that it isn’t the walls!

Learn how dark shades like Resene Nero and Resene Double Foundry can elevate your home, both inside and out, and how using a dark Resene wood stain on your fence like Resene Woodsman Crowshead can give your home maximum street appeal.

Don’t just opt for the most popular Resene white, understand why you’re choosing a neutral and how you can best suit it to your home.

Listen in for yourself below, or on iHeart radio or on Spotify.

For the full podcast series click here!

Published: 28 Feb 2024