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Welcome in wallpaper: Our latest podcast episode

02 May 2024

The latest episode of habitat by Resene’s podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, has arrived, and it’s all about wallpaper!

The wallpaper world awaits, but how do you choose the right design? Resene Colour Expert Meryl Southey shares her top tips for finding a wallpaper pattern, texture and colour that you love, which will work in your home and that will give your whole room a lift.

It all comes down to your brief. What style do you want? What colour palette are you after? And what are you hoping to achieve?

Learn what makes wallpaper special, and how it can add depth and interest to any space in your home. Whether you’re going for classic, biophilic, geometric or contemporary, there are 100s of Resene wallpapers to choose from to create the perfect feel.

Wallpaper is not just for your walls though, learn how you can use it in unexpected ways, such as on artwork or on your ceiling.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to be afraid of wallpaper. It’s here to stay and has come a long way. Tune in and learn all the tips, tricks and advice you need to get started!

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Published: 02 May 2024