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Tune in to Episode Two of If These Walls Could Talk

15 Feb 2024

Follow along habitat by Resene’s new podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, where we delve into creative and innovative approaches to living and working with colour. Listen to a range of interviews, stories and insightful tips on renovations and using Resene colour, paint and wallpaper to add vibrancy and joy to your surroundings.

Episode Two is here and it’s all about how to get started on your reno:

Break out of design paralysis! Interior designer Shelley Ferguson is here to talk you through feeling overwhelmed by choice and stumped for where to start a home reno.

Learn the best tips, tricks and tools to simplify finding the right Resene colours and products to help you create the look you want.

With Shelley’s project, The Interior Edit, you can make your renovation a reality! You’ll learn all about her clever workaround to get the renovated house you’ve dreamed of, all at a more affordable price!

Whatever your style – New York, farmhouse, Hamptons, or Milan – Shelley has curated eight interior looks with selected products that work together to create each style. Let the nitty gritty decisions be made easier, so you can enjoy the process, as well as the result.

What’s your style, and how do you create it? Listen in for yourself below, or on iHeart radio or on Spotify.

Published: 15 Feb 2024