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The final of House Rules will leave you speechless!

26 Oct 2023

With only two teams left, after Char and Violet received the lowest score on re-do week, the fight is on to win the life-changing prize that will change one team’s life forever.

Jemma and Alvaro, and Martinique and Andre, battled it out this week to revamp each other's rundown outdoor areas as they compete to wow the judges. We have the results below, but you’ll have to tune in to see who wins!

Martinique and Andre’s house rules for Jemma and Alvaro:

  1. Think English cottage garden meets Mediterranean alfresco living
  2. Use warm whites and charcoals with terracotta, brick and stone
  3. Give the boys a play space and mum and dad somewhere to soak under the stars
  4. You have a budget of $15,000 to transform the yard
  5. You have five days


We know one house rule was met, Jemma and Alvaro provided the perfect place for Martinique and Andre to ‘soak up the stars’, a spa pool. They also managed to fulfil the other rules through their choice of colours and design. The exterior is painted in Resene Eighth Spanish White with trims and details in Resene Ebony Clay.

Along with quaint touches of English cottage and Mediterranean alfresco, the Resene Eighth Spanish White looks stunning against the Resene Ebony Clay trims and balustrades.

The exterior weatherboards and screen, adding privacy, are painted in Resene Eighth Spanish White, with trims in Resene Ebony Clay. Jemma and Alvaro did a wonderful job creating a relaxed, Mediterranean alfresco vibe where the family can gather and entertain.  


Jemma and Alvaro’s house rules for Martinique and Andre:

  1. Give us a contemporary Kiwi garden with a coastal spin
  2. Extend our lounge room vibes outside giving us a seamless indoor-outdoor flow
  3. Raise the roof on our deck
  4. You have a budget of $15,000 to transform the yard
  5. You have five days

Did Martinique and Andre nail the brief for a Kiwi backyard with a coastal spin? With the house washed and painted in Resene Rice Cake, this home is looking fresh and new again. Combine this with the landscaped gardens with a bright pathway and fence in Resene Bokara Grey, this home is transformed from its once lacklustre appearance.

Martinique and Andre gave Jemma and Alvaro the roof they wanted, creating more room in their outdoor space and better flow. The exterior is painted in Resene Rice Cake, brightening and opening the space further.

This is now a bright and welcoming space, with the Scandi and coastal interior being drawn outside to create a cohesive look. The exterior is painted in Resene Rice Cake.

What will the judges scores be? Who will win? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Watch the finale, and all episodes, on ThreeNow. 

Congratulations to the winning team!

Published: 26 Oct 2023