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Support Epilepsy New Zealand and Paint it Purple!

06 Mar 2024

Resene is proud to support Epilepsy New Zealand with Paint It Purple, a fundraiser where Resene donates $1 from every 60ml purple testpot sold in March at Resene owned ColorShops (NZ) to Epilepsy NZ.

Why purple? Purple is the international colour, and lavender the flower, associated with epilepsy.

One in 100 people suffer from epilepsy, with the most common symptom being recurring seizures. When properly diagnosed and treated 70% of New Zealanders with epilepsy will live healthy, normal lives and The Epilepsy Association of New Zealand provides them vital support.

To find out more about Epilepsy NZ and how you can help, visit the Epilepsy NZ website.  

Do you know what to do when someone with epilepsy has a seizure? 

Follow these guidelines and use your ‘Brains’:

B e Calm

R emove dangerous objects

A lways time seizure

I f person has fallen, protect head

N ever restrain or put anything in mouth

S eek medical attention if necessary

After the seizure:

Turn the person on their side

Check their ID and look for medical instructions

Stay with the person

The person might be confused

Talk calmly without shouting to reassure the person

Don’t give them medication

Don’t give them anything to drink  

When to call for medical help? 

If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes

If a second seizure occurred

If the person is injured

If the person is unwell in other ways

Published: 06 Mar 2024