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Our brand-new podcast episode: Prep yourself for success

21 May 2024

habitat by Resene’s new podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, is here to help you with all your decorating projects – big and small, inside and out!

In our newest episode, Prep Yourself for Success, Monuean Ryan from habitat by Resene offers her best tips and tricks to help make sure your decorating projects go smoothly and turn out just how you expected – including how to make the best use of the knowledge and expertise of decorating experts.

Prepping is important when decorating your home, it makes the process much more enjoyable and also means the finishing result will be much more rewarding and beautiful. Monuean explains where to start and what you need to do before picking up the brush.

Learn what you can do to elevate your home and up its value and appeal. You might be surprised to learn what Resene Black in a high-gloss can do!

What can you achieve in a weekend? A lot! Listen in to learn what projects you can do around the home in just a couple of days.

If we’ve caught your attention, listen below or tune in on iHeart radio or Spotify.

For the full podcast series, click here.

Published: 21 May 2024