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Learn the art of being bold in our latest podcast episode

28 May 2024

habitat by Resene’s new podcast series, If These Walls Could Talk, is here to help you with all your decorating projects – big and small, inside and out! 

In our latest episode, The art of being bold, interior designer Megan Harrison-Turner offers some tips and tricks for playing with deeper shades and gentler colours that can still have a huge visual impact. 

You’ll learn that colours don’t have to be dramatic and bright to be bold – you can still opt for the pale or pastel hues of your favourite colour.  

If you are looking for a bold, dark shade, however, you don’t have to go straight to black. Megan talks us through how colours like Resene Coast and Resene Big Stone can add more depth to a space, as well as the various finishes that can make a huge difference, i.e.: matte or high-gloss.  

For a long time, we have been taught that our skirting and ceiling has to be a particular colour in contrast to our walls – usually white. Megan explains why we don’t have to follow these rules while still creating a cohesive and beautiful space.  

If you’re ready to go bold, or test out a colour you’ve always wanted to try, learn which rooms are the perfect place to start.  

Listen below or tune in on iHeart radio or Spotify. 

 For the full podcast series, click here. 

Published: 28 May 2024