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Join the charity art auction to support Epilepsy New Zealand

21 Mar 2024

This year is the first year of Epilepsy New Zealand Purple Day Charity Art Auction. At Epilepsy New Zealand, they make it their mission to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy, and this auction featuring artwork painted in Resene purples, is aimed to raise money to help this wonderful charity.

Art is a good way to promote wellbeing. It is enjoyable to practice as an individual but also important for the collective as it can been seen and enjoyed by all. This year the artists involved made colourful contributions to raising epilepsy awareness. All proceeds from the auction go towards funding the services of Epilepsy New Zealand’s free nationwide epilepsy educators.

Some artists depicted seizures. Carlo said “In my abstract piece, I have painted different shades of purple on the shattered glass pattern. This shows a seizure in motion.”

Some used their imagination to paint what experiencing a seizure is like. Lisa said “I have painted a pattern which looks like brain cells moving in the brain. The sparkles separating from some of the cells shows the start of epilepsy taking place.”

Artists were inspired to share their work as some have a personal motivation, Melissa said “This is an important cause to me as my six year old has epilepsy and I would love to raise some money and awareness”.

This inclusive and engaging fundraiser encourages the community to contribute and participate in raising epilepsy awareness. The art auction provides an opportunity for learning and fun.

Thank you to our artists who have donated their skill and time towards a good cause. Please keep an eye out for the colour purple at your school or business this Purple Day.

Please click here to view the auction catalogue.

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If you would like to donate please bid on an artwork by 26th March.  

Image: ‘Spiritual Inspiration’ by Franzeska Pound. “Wellington’s south coast, a walk I do often and where I find a lot of my inspiration.”

Published: 21 Mar 2024