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Height charts you'll love

19 Jul 2015

When kids are part of a home, it's not unusual to see tiny pencil marks climbing the walls in the hallway or the little ones' bedrooms. But the problem with these traditional height charts is that often they get painted over or forgotten when the families shift to another home. 

Creative Kiwi mum Aimee Mitchell wanted a permanent keepsake of her kids' height journey, so designed a range of height charts out of recycled timber.

The Upwood Height Charts, as they're called, are made from upcycled rimu, kauri and pine, and painted in Resene paint. Kids can choose between a chevron design or Georgie the Giraffe, and there's an option of six colours in the chevron design.

“Like many families, when we were growing up, we lived in the same house for all of our childhood and our heights were regularly marked on a doorway," Aimee says.

"We wanted to carry on this tradition of measuring our children and having it on display and we thought the rest of New Zealand might too.”

To see the full range of Upwood Height Charts, visit

Published: 19 Jul 2015