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Episode Six here! Listen in to If These Walls Could Talk!

21 Mar 2024

Wait no more, the sixth episode of habitat by Resene’s podcast, If These Walls Could Talk, is live, and it’s one you’ll want to tune in to!

It’s time to talk about ‘finding the feel’.

Interior design team Kate Pilot and Natalia Glucina from Kanat Studio share their personal colour preferences and the process they go through to find the colour preferences and design tastes of their customers to create a feel as well as a look.

As well as having a great knowledge and passion for colour, this skilful duo love to listen to clients and help them to create a space that is personal to them and that they will love for years to come.

Kate and Natalia discuss colours that complement each other and ‘finding the feel’ for your home. You’ll learn how to match your walls with accented décor and furniture, how to make colours pop, and create a harmonious and cohesive home that you’ve always wanted.

You’ll also learn how you can define your brand for your business and make your work space and office somewhere that you are proud of and enjoy being in.

Listen in for yourself below, or on iHeart radio or on Spotify.

For the full podcast series click here!

Published: 21 Mar 2024