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Colours come to life with Resene Living’s new scent-sational range of candles and diffusers

11 Aug 2021

Your favourite colour has just been taken to a whole new level! The Resene Colour Block range has a fabulous new collection of candles and diffusers inspired by vibrant Resene colours. Your favourite iconic colours, including Resene Happy Hour and Resene Bowie, are reimagined as scents which infuse your home with fragrance while also bringing a pop of colour.

Check out the full range of colours at your nearest Briscoes store, or visit their website.

Take a closer look at some of the collection:

Ever wondered what happiness smells like? One of the many candles and diffusers in the Resene Colour Block Range, this rooftop garden scent is inspired by the colour Resene Happy Hour. This candle and diffuser are perfect for any nature-lovers home, with a fragrance of fresh citrus combined with notes of floral and sandalwood for a breezy, uplifting scent. With notes of rosewood, jasmine and violet, your guests will feel like they’ve just stepped into a summer garden. Check it out here.

Inspired by Resene Dreamer, the ocean mist scented candle and diffuser will have you reminiscing about long days at the beach. Perfect for the bach or guest room, this fragrance will add a touch of refreshment and the soothing Resene Dreamer hue will have you instantly relaxed. Featuring notes of citrus, bergamot, floral and musk, this scent is sure to sweep you away. Take a closer look here.

Published: 11 Aug 2021