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Brick Bay Folly winners stand out with spectacular structure

24 Mar 2021

Every year, the Brick Bay Sculpture Trust runs the Brick Bay Folly: a design-build competition that invites emerging architects to submit their creative concepts. These projects allow young creatives to investigate the intersection between sculpture and architecture to create temporary structures that are quirky and stretch the imagination.

The detailed interior of ‘Genealogy of the Pacific’ uses Resene Lumbersider in Resene Concrete.

Architectural follies find their purpose in delighting and inspiring audiences. The competition creates a platform for emerging architects bring their ideas to life through the physical construction of a project.

The winning 2020 Brick Bay Folly, Genealogy of the Pacific, was recently constructed at the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail. The creators of this stunning project were University of Auckland Bachelor of Architecture students Daniel Ho, Rita Cai and Raymond Yoo. Their free-standing obelisk was constructed through a unique and detailed arrangement of 885 timber bricks painted with Resene Lumbersider in Resene Concrete. Inspired by the curvilinear form of DNA strands, the structure is a standout in the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail and is definitely worth a visit.

Inspired by the form of DNA strands, the winning structure stands proudly on the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, easily visible with its bright exterior in Resene Concrete.

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Images by Sam Hartnett

Published: 24 Mar 2021