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Blum has just the solution you need for flexible use of space

14 Mar 2024

Ever feel like you’ve got too much clutter or too many appliances hiding the beautiful design of your home?

New REVEGO pocket systems from Blum give you the ability to quickly open up complete living or kitchen areas when you need them, and simply close them off again, creating a homely, comfortable and visually appealing space.

Above: Open up your kitchen with ease when cooking or hosting guests. The REVEGO door fronts fold into the pockets when open, making the best use of space with a seamless look. Below: When you’ve finished cooking simply close your kitchen away and enjoy a chic and minimal space.

The integrated design means you can create any atmosphere in your home. Try a chic composition when paired with some of Resene’s most popular neutrals, such as Resene Half Merino, Resene Quarter Biscotti, Resene Double Truffle and Resene Baltic Sea.

Homeowners are increasingly combining their kitchen, dining, living or working areas into one contemporary open-plan space. With increasing urbanisation and more densely populated metro areas, living spaces of the future are also likely to be smaller.

REVEGO brings completely new design possibilities for rooms, both big and small. With Blum’s TIP-ON motion technology, you can open cabinet doors with a light press and slide them away completely into the pocket. 

Above: Use the REVEGO pocket system in your living room to open up an entertainment unit or home bar when you have guests. Below: Simply close off the space when you are done to create a more homely and tidy area. 

Your kitchen, home office or laundry can now be easily accessible. To close off the space, simply press the door to release it from the pocket and then press it again to elegantly conceal the entire area. When closed, the doors conceal the furniture units, including their pockets, for smooth and seamless style

The hidden hardware means you can integrate any colour in your home, such as some of Resene’s most stunning kitchen shades like Resene Salsa, Resene Cut Glass, Resene Norway and Resene New Denim Blue.

The unique one-touch door system for both single and double door applications easily integrates into your kitchen layout or furniture units. It can also be easily incorporated into plans featuring standard pockets, and when it comes to design, there is plenty of scope to make sure it works for your project. The pocket systems can be produced and pre-assembled for delivery direct to your home for your cabinetmaker to install and make any final adjustments – ready for you to enjoy, open and closed!

Check out REVEGO for yourself and create the functional dream home you’ve always wanted.

Published: 14 Mar 2024