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Bespoke your life with Samsung appliances

23 Nov 2023

If you’re looking for ways to personalise your kitchen and create a harmonious space, then we have the solution!

Samsung has once more partnered with Resene. Samsung BESPOKE appliances make your home feel more like you with the power of customisation. You can elevate your personal space with the colours and combinations that are uniquely you.

A sleek and seamless design

The Flat Panel door design with easy-to-open recessed handles blends into your kitchen to give it a modern look. Match this with the French Door Fridge that sits flush against your cabinetry with minimal 7mm clearances for a truly custom design. 

The Samsung French Door Fridge offers the ultimate sleek and modern design. With panels painted in Resene All Black, this fridge is a chic and stylish addition to this space. 

This kitchen is inspired by a fresh, quiet natured green, creating a relaxing and enjoyable space in the heart of the home. The cabinetry and panels on the dishwasher and French Door Fridge are painted in Resene Green Spring.

With unlimited possibilities, you can colour your Bespoke Refrigerator or Dishwasher to suit your kitchen, or even choose a contrasting Resene colour to stand out boldly.  

Bring your fridge into your kitchen colour palette, like these Samsung Single Door Fridges in Resene Shilo, or Resene Comet.

When you order your fridge or dishwasher, simply choose your Resene coloured panels, and if you change your mind down the track, you can always order new panels in your chosen Resene colour.

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Published: 23 Nov 2023