Makeup artist gives her villa a character makeover with bold pops of colour including blush pink

Makeup artist Amber Carroll is used to transforming her clients for weddings and photoshoots, so when it came to her own she was keen to give it a bit of a Resene colour transformation.

 “Paint is like lipstick; if you don’t like it you take it off and put on another colour. It’s never going to be a total disaster.”

 After purchasing their renovated 120-year-old villa in Auckland decorated top to bottom in white, Amber and husband Chris decided to personalise the family home they share with kids Luca and Lexi using vibrant Resene paint colours that reflect their personalities.

 “When we moved in here eight years ago the house was beautifully painted in Resene Alabaster white, which we love, but we wanted to inject more of our personality in some of the rooms,” says busy working mum Amber.

 “In the bedroom we wanted to create our sanctuary, our haven. We had a headboard made in gold velvet and all the colours and textures worked well together with the Resene Alabaster  white and the deep, rich midnight blue of Resene Magnum on the wall.

 “It’s soothing and peaceful to have a dark room, which gives it a bit of character as well. It’s my favourite room,” she says.

 Amber adds that she adores her home makeup studio, where she sees regular clients, bridal parties and holds makeup lessons, which she lovingly painted in Resene Birthday Suit.

 “It’s soft and pretty, and feminine without being in your face candy doll. It’s subtle and even the anti-pink people like it. The colour is so flattering on the skin tone. It’s good for selfies, good for my brides and good for natural light for my makeup lessons. It’s good for my mood as well. It always puts me in a happy mood when I’m in my office.”

 “I love all shades of pink because I am a makeup artist,” she laughs, “so give me all the pink.”

 Amber says she has since added tan leather 1950s vintage chairs from Japan into her studio, adding that “the pink and the white all works so well”.

 The studio, she says, is easily the most commented on room in their house.

 “People just love the pink,” she says. “It inspires them because it’s so unexpected. It was quite a bold choice eight years ago but I feel like people have come forward with colours since then and are more prepared to push the boat out a little bit with their colour choice”.

 The creative’s talent for experimenting with on trend, exciting makeup palettes and love of style translates seamlessly into her vibrant decor and styling combinations that flow throughout the rest of their family home.

 Amber collaborated in her decor choices with interior architect and designer Janice Kumar-Ward, whom she met through a friend of a friend.

 “I have quite a fruity, eclectic taste and like to push the boundaries, and she can bring what I think in my mind to life. She’s a professional, she has incredible taste and I am happy to be guided by her.

 “I am not a beige client and she knows I like pops of colour and different textures. I love how she creates layers and cohesiveness to her designs.”

 The relationship began when Janice created a desk in Amber’s office. But when the two creatives connected, it was fireworks, and they continued to weave their collaborative design aesthetic throughout the light, airy villa.

 “That’s the exciting part, choosing all the colours and bits and pieces,” Amber adds.

 While husband Chris, who works in a transporting warehouse logistics business, was initially hesitant about the pair engaging an interior decorator, eight years later he has worked with Janice on many projects.

 “He enlisted her help at his workplace and she did an amazing wall in stripes using Resene Magnum and a Resene White, which is really impactful. It’s not what you’d expect for a transport or logistics company,” she laughs.

Read more about makeup artist Amber Carroll at BeautyEQ.

Interior design Janice Kumar Ward 

Images Rebekah Robinson.

Makeup artist Amber Carroll has painted her studio where she makes up brides and clients in blush pink Resene Birthday Suit.

The walls of Amber’s studio are painted in Palm Springs-inspired soft pink Resene Birthday Suit, which she loves for its cheeky nod to ‘girly’ charm. She says she loves to make people look and feel good and this room achieves it with aplomb. The trim in Resene Alabaster makes a stunning pairing.

As a busy working mum, Amber takes great joy in relaxing in her bedroom oasis where she uses stunning Resene Magnum, evocative of the deep dark night sky, on the feature wall, a bold and alluring colour choice that makes the velvet headboard sizzle. The trim in Resene Alabaster frames the daring midnight blue and provides cohesion with the gold of the headboard.

Island kitchen Resene Alabaster

The kitchen and dining area is simple and bright with Resene Alabaster on the walls, ceiling and trim.


Resene Alabaster lounge

Amber sought the expertise of Janice Kumar-Ward, interior architect and designer, who worked with the couple to create their elegant interior. Their lounge features Resene Alabaster on the walls, ceiling and trim with a bespoke cabinet handcrafted by Janice’s husband, cabinetry and furniture designer Julian Ward, that incorporates “his signature embellishment,” Amber adds.

dining room Resene Alsbaster

The family’s light, formal dining area in the 120-year-old Auckland villa, which opens out to the pool and patio, stays light and airy using Resene Alabaster on the walls, ceiling and trim with pops of colour achieved in the accessories and furnishing pieces.

When Amber, Chris, Luca and Lexi are not busy out and about, their poolside outdoor room is the ideal staycation retreat painted in Resene Alabaster retro Palm Springs vibe is perfectly captured in cheeky retro furnishings on white rattan furniture in the poolside outdoor space, which Amber describes as the perfect family space. “It’s a fun area to hang out with the family,” she says. “We use the pool a lot, the kids love it and live in it over summer.”


Published: 11 Mar 2021

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Resene Birthday Suit

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