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Tyrelessly festive: Sheree brings smiles to the community this Christmas

13 Dec 2023

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like driving past some bright decorations or twinkling lights during December! This homeowner has gone all out to bring ‘tyre-rific’ cheer to her local community by using festive Resene paints and tyres to make the roadside shine!  

Back in 2021, Sheree’s local community decided to run a ‘decorate your letter box’. Sheree jumped on the Chrissy bandwagon and turned her letterbox into Rudolph.

“Everyone loved it, well maybe except the rural delivery man, but he was wonderful about it and was very careful when he had to put mail in the box,” Sheree laughs.

Sheree’s reindeer letterbox

“Last year just before Christmas I saw a snowman made out of tyres on the internet and decided to give it a go. Frosty got posted on Facebook pages around the area, and I even read comments about how parents had to drive past him as their children ‘had to see Frosty’!! This made my day as my hope was it would put smiles on people’s faces, especially at the moment when some people are finding it tough.”

The lovely Christmas tree is painted in Resene Wham, with a bright blue bauble painted in Resene Bondi Blue.

Sheree began doing research for his year’s display and found other ideas using tyres. Her new designs soon became a reality, and her roadside now proudly displays a Santa, nutcracker, Christmas tree and baubles, bringing even more shine to the local community.

“While doing my research I saw the reindeer and jokingly said to my hubby that I wanted some,” Sheree says. “While I was at work one day, he made two small ones. When I saw them I knew I had to have bigger ones and a sleigh big enough for Santa to sit in! Crazy I know!”

Santa and his sleigh is sure to bring smiles to everybody passing by. This display is painted in Resene Red Hot and Resene Just Right, with baubles hanging on the fence painted in Resene Picton Blue and Resene Turbo

Sheree soon found a picture of a basic sleigh that she thought might work. Her husband helped her bring it to life by making it out of a pallet and timber he had lying around. The reindeer are made out of firewood, and everything has an extra sparkle and shine with solar lights that match the colours of each character.

The nutcracker is wonderful and dashing, painted in Resene Red Hot, Resene Wham, Resene Bondi Blue and Resene Paper Doll. The baubles along the fence are painted in Resene Studio and Resene Red Hot.

If you’re out near Whibley Road in Maihiihi this month, be sure to drive by and check out this amazing display!

Published: 13 Dec 2023