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Three’s The Block NZ: from blank to beautiful

09 Aug 2018

There may have been some drama on The Block NZ last week, but it didn’t stop the teams from creating beautiful room reveals for blank canvas week. This time around, all the teams reached for rich, bold Resene colours and wallpaper to decorate their walls, with winning team Claire and Agni creating a clever, multi-purpose space, filled with fun wallpaper. Here are their room reveals:

Claire & Agni (Winner)
House 1:

For Claire and Agni’s room reveal this week, the judges were impressed that they had stepped it up again and thought it was a clever idea to create a multi-purpose space – it shows that they’ve really thought about potential buyers.

The judges said it was a good choice to put the skylights in and add a glass floor to enable the light to travel throughout the house. And wow, what a mirror – it bounces the light around beautifully and adds real interest.

The judges said that having a media room, a study area and a guest area with a fold-out sofa bed will also be a real selling point – it’s now effectively a three-and-a-half-bedroom home.

They also liked the glass partitions and thought that the choice of dark velvet drapes was good.

As for the wallpaper, design 12403 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, they thought it was cute. It was a very daring choice and it added a playfulness to the room.

Jason said it was good to see a bold colour choice on the walls, painted in Resene Indian Ink (blue) and Resene Double Alabaster (white).

Overall, the judges thought Claire and Agni had done a great job with the space. 

Ben & Tom
House 2:

Judges’ first impression of Ben and Tom’s reveal: what a disaster. It’s not functional and it’s not finished.

While Kristina liked their choice of wallpaper, design 32126 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, she said the whole area felt cold and underwhelming. It just felt unfinished.

However, Jason did like their choice of wooden flooring and the featured light.

Chlo & Em
House 3:

The judges felt that the styling of Chlo and Em’s room is a bit confused, and their first impression was that it feels like a room with two halves – one half is rich and exotic, and the other is cold and lifeless.

Jason also thought there was a real lack of colour in this room and the blank white wall, painted in Resene Sea Fog, was screaming for some artwork.

Kristina liked their taste but questioned why they would make the storage cupboard by the bedroom so tiny. Storage is key in a family home.

Overall, the judges were a bit disappointed with Chlo and Em’s room reveal this week.

Amy & Stu
House 4:

While team Gizzy were looking to win their fourth room reveal in a row, they were disqualified after having their electrician stay on site after 6pm.

The most colourful of the room reveals, Amy and Stu painted feature walls in rich Resene Aloha, offset by walls and trims in Resene Alabaster, with judges commending the couple on their great use of colour.

The judges liked the great use of space, with the room featuring a seating area, a study area and a storage area, which they thought was really practical. It’s a lovely space to rest but it’s also functional, they said.

“You walk in here and you can just tell that you know what you’re doing,” said Jason.

The use of colour and art works beautifully. The space is well accessorised and well layered.

They also liked the desk and said the built-in shelves looked great. Jason said he would have preferred if the shelves were painted but Kristina disagreed.

The glass feature lights were a nice choice for the space, and the storage space will be a big selling point for the house.

Furniture from Freedom Furniture. Flooring from Carpet Court.

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