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Shades of citrus: Creating unique spaces for growing minds

11 Apr 2024

This Auckland bungalow not only embodies modern design but also caters to the vibrant personalities of its three young occupants. Designed Nikki Launder, architect at dn² registered architects and the previous homeowner, these children's rooms stand as a testament to the vibrant depth of Resene colour, creative ingenuity and thoughtful planning.

Nikki's vision for these rooms was clear, to provide a space where each child could express themselves uniquely while fostering a sense of unity among them. "I wanted three identical children’s bedrooms but each to have its own look and feel," Nikki says.

Stepping into the hallway adorned with a coloured runner, there is a symphony of shades, some of which adorn the three rooms, creating a harmonious link to each space. Every visitor to the house, will pass by these three citrus bedrooms, taking in the vibrant and playful shades. The walls and ceiling are painted in Resene Alabaster.

The colour scheme, deliberately steering clear of gendered norms like pink and blue, was carefully chosen to appeal to both girls and boys, hence the red, yellow and orange theme. Nikki notes that the intentional choice allows the children the freedom to swap rooms if they feel the need, without any aversion to colour schemes.

The main colours chosen were a vibrant flash of sunshine yellow, Resene Half Turbo, clear and happy orange, Resene Energise, and lively red, Resene Pursuit. Resene Alabaster on surrounding walls creates the perfect, crisp contrast to these shades.

The first room features sliding doors painted in Resene Half Turbo and Resene Energise, with surrounding walls and ceiling in Resene Alabaster.

The second room features sliding doors painted in Resene Half Turbo and Resene Pursuit, with walls and ceiling in Resene Alabaster.

The third room’s sliding doors were painted in Resene Half Turbo and Resene Energise, with walls and ceiling in Resene Alabaster.

Beyond the walls, every detail was meticulously curated to complement the vibrant palette. Wool carpets in crimson, orange and red tones anchor each room, providing warmth and comfort underfoot. Curtain fabrics, sourced from Thread Design, offer a splash of individuality with shades of orange, yellow and red. Jielde Augustin lights in corresponding colours illuminate the space, adding to the playful ambiance.

Even the furniture and joinery contribute to the cohesive yet distinct design. Tim Webber's yellow three-legged stools inject more bursts of colour, while white built-in desks and orange and red shelves by RH Cabinetmakers seamlessly blend functionality with style. 

Bursts of colour were added to shelving in Resene Pursuit and Resene Energise, to create a cohesive feel in the room and display toys and treasured belongings.

The road to realising this vision was not without its challenges though. Matching carpets to paint colours proved to be a daunting task, limiting furniture and curtain options. Yet, Nikki's unwavering commitment to her vision prevailed.

The result? Three children's rooms that not only reflect the exuberance of youth but also embody the harmony of thoughtful design. In this colourful haven, each child finds a space uniquely their own, while together they form an ensemble of creativity and joy.

Design by Nikki Launder, dn² registered architects

Published: 11 Apr 2024