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Reader roundup: Colourful gardens, decadent walls and a cat mural

28 Mar 2024

From Mexican themed homes, to vibrant playgroups and winning pots, we love to bring you photos and news of what our readers have been up to so you can find some inspiration and motivation for your next project. Don’t hesitate to send us some pictures of your latest projects to [email protected], we would love to see them!


Rebecca sought the help of Resene Colour Expert Meryl Southey to help choose a new palette for her local playgroup. Wanting to tie in their new logo and some striking pastels, Meryl helped Rebecca land on Resene Half Moonbeam, Resene Shakespeare, Resene Deluge and Resene French Pass. These shades have breathed new life back into this space, making it a vibrant learning environment for young minds.

If you need help from a Resene Colour Expert like Meryl, use the free Ask a Resene Colour Expert service online,, book a Resene Colour Consultation, or visit your local Resene ColorShop.


You can truly create something special and unique in your home with the help of a Resene WallPrint. Our reader Amity did just that with a giant mural of her beloved cat.

“Branford was our 13 year old tabby cat,” Amity says. “We adopted him as a rescue kitten a few months after we got married. He was quite a character, very talkative, super affectionate and in his younger years he was an amazing acrobat who always liked to leap up to the highest spot in a room and look down on his human servants.

“He'd had a number of health issues during later years and in November 2023 we got some bad news from our vets. Branford, however, was such a fighter and became even more affectionate and even more talkative, having little ‘chats’ with us constantly.

“He made it until his 13th birthday in late January which coincidentally happened to be the same day we were hosting a family birthday at our place. Branford, despite being slow in his movements at this stage, jumped up on the table and took off with some of the birthday cake while we weren't looking - it's like he knew that it was his birthday!

“We wanted to find a way that he could still be with us. We have some pretty wildly eclectic design features in our house already and liked the idea of another. We decided to go with a Resene WallPrint as we have used Resene colours all through our house.

“We took our most favourite recent photo, put on a black and white filter and are really thrilled with the result. We love seeing Branford's furry little face in the morning when we come out of the bedroom. One of the things I love most is how in the blown up photo you can actually see the dribble on his paws - it's just such a beautiful, special little detail.”

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Well done to Maeve for her incredible achievement! Maeve used her remaining Resene paint from the previous year’s Steeple Rock T3 challenge when she painted a mural (centre) and painted some pots to make a bird feeder for her garden (left). She decided to enter the Resene Paint a Pot Competition and won the well-deserved first prize for her age group.

“Maeve is contemplating helping me paint the house or the rest of the front fence where her original mural is,” says Abbey, Maeve’s mum.

Resene offers varying promotions, sales and competitions throughout the year so check back here regularly for your chance to enter and win!


Robyn decided to add some colour to her garden by using Resene testpots to paint the pavers in her garden. This is a great option for when you have no flowers blooming but still want a vibrant pop of colour when you head outdoors. If you want to recreate this colour palette, get some testpots in Resene Jordy Blue, Resene Red Hot, Resene Fandango, Resene Gorse and Resene Feijoa.


habitat reader Heather painted her home based on a Mexican theme. Along with this rich indulgent blue, Resene Decadence, Heather also chose strong accented shades in Resene Monarch and Resene Buttercup. Using colour cards and testpots, Heather was able to ensure her chosen colours would complement each other and her home.

Visit your local Resene ColorShop to pick up some colour charts and testpots for yourself or order online! Order testpots at and order chart charts at

Share your projects using Resene with us – we love to see them! Email us at [email protected]

Published: 28 Mar 2024