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Mountainous master: How a mural transformed a bedroom

04 Apr 2024

Stacey’s 1930 bungalow needed a lot of love when she got it, and she knew she could turn to Resene’s many shades to turn it into a home she would love.

“We started with the bathroom to deal with the black mould that was growing under the chipping paint,” Stacey says. “But we also decided to change things around, moving the entrance from access off the kitchen to access from the master bedroom and adding a toilet.”

Moving the doorway meant also changing around the master bedroom, removing a partial wall with an archway that led to a small, unusable space at the front, which Stacey said was likely an originally porch that had been closed in. With all the space this created in the bedroom, Stacey was able to build a walk-in closet against the bathroom wall, which is where a space revealed itself for soon-to-be striking feature wall.

Stacey painting her stunning bedroom mural in the green shades of Resene Palm Leaf, Resene Rivergum, Resene Xanadu and Resene Paris White.

“We wanted a relaxing feel that reflected our love for the mountains and incorporated peaceful colours from nature,” Stacey says.

“I drew the mountains to reflect a few that mean a lot to us and our story. Many Resene testpots and a few paintings on paper later, we had chosen the perfect combination of greens to not only create the peaceful feeling but also tie in with the timber and main bedroom colour.

Resene Half Thorndon Cream was a perfect neutral colour to enhance the original aspects of the bungalow, such as the rimu architraves, and complement the greens while still looking fresh and clean.

A before and after of Stacey’s once dull bedroom, now transformed into a tranquil oasis.

“I have always enjoyed painting and, like many, don’t find the time to indulge anymore so this was the perfect opportunity to play with paint on a larger scale. I decided to mix a couple of the colours to really help the layers work well.”

Published: 04 Apr 2024