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A mural artist livens up a BOP childcare centre with bright and cheerful colours

02 Feb 2022

Original art and large-scale murals are a passion for Bay of Plenty artist Jasmine Kroeze.

She’s applied her talents to both her own home and to enliven her local daycare, using a range of Resene colours.
“Be brave and bold with colour” Jasmine recommends “And know that you can always paint over it if it doesn’t work out!”

Jasmine and partner Kenrick have a daughter, three -year old Ivy and a baby boy due in March.  Jasmine has a background in fashion and textile design and she brought her playful, vibrant style to the mural for Ivy’s daycare, The Blue Cottage in Papamoa.

Artist and painter Jasmine has given the fence wall of her daughter’s daycare a real lift with her original mural using Resene Palm Green, Resene Undercover, Resene Sea Green, Resene Gulf Stream, Resene Rickshaw, Resene Subzero, Resene Dynamite, Resene Galliano and Resene Cut Glass.  She used a combination of Resene Lumbersider and testpots.  

“These colours are pulled from some of my favourite original artworks I have created,” Jasmine says. “I chose my hero colours first, Resene Sante Fe, Resene Beethoven and then built the remaining colour palette and highlights to complement those two.”

In her own hallway, artist and painter Jasmine scaled up an original artwork. She added extra colour with Resene Leather, Resene Wafer, Resene Alamo, Resene Florentine Pink, Resene Bone and Resene Urbane

Her Papamoa hallway got its own makeover with a free-form mural in a couple of her hero colours, Resene Sante Fe, a soft TexMex terracotta and Resene Beethoven, a warm apricot. 

“I really love the big impact the entryway mural makes. It’s so fun and vibrant, particularly the large scale of it is a lot of fun.” Her inspiration was an original painting she had already created – she just went big with it.

“I had carved out one day where Ivy was at daycare for the mural, so from start to finish it took six hours. Luckily, it was a warm day so drying time wasn’t an issue!”

Her all-time favourite colour is Resene Sante Fe. “It’s incredibly versatile and has such a beautiful warmth without being overly feminine. I use it so much in my artwork and it has an incredible way of pulling my colour palettes together.”

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Images, Casey Creative

Published: 02 Feb 2022