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Artist Darcelle Nesser creates another masterpiece

22 Feb 2024

Sitting next to her giant Feijoa mural in Palmerston North, you’ll find a brand new mural from Darcelle Nesser painted using bold and captivating Resene colours.

“It's about Gravitational Waves of the Universe,” Darcelle says. “I call it ‘I Accidently Dropped My Hands in Some Gravitational Waves’. 

“This mural is based off a smaller painting I made some time ago. Alongside art, fruit and history, I am also extremely passionate about physics. This painting is about one of my favourite things I have learned: When two neutrons stars collide with each other, their density and the force involved is so powerful it forms a black hole. In the process, the surrounding gravitational fields are rippled, causing an expansion and shrinkage of spacetime.”

Darcelle’s deep passions for learning and the world around her, mixed with her creativity, allow her to show others the beauty that our universe has to offer.

Her love of Resene colours began a while back when visiting her local Resene ColorShop near George St. What was originally a short trip to buy some paintbrushes and topcoats, soon saw her falling in love with the walls of countless Resene testpots, and the colour swatches. Ever since then, she has explored some of the thousands of shades that can bring her artwork to life.

“I want this mural to spark curiosity and awe at the universe and all that lies beyond what we can ever see or feel,” Darcelle says.

She also reminds us of the ‘Safety Warning’: “Keep a large distance away from these explosions as shown by the astronaut hand disintegrating in the corner.”

Darcelle next to her mural, painted in Resene Nero, Resene White, Resene Quarter Silver Chalice, Resene Bowie, Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Cobalt, Resene Crusoe, Resene Lima, Resene Outrageous, Resene Half Dizzy Lizzy and Resene Athens Grey.

Get in touch with Darcelle: [email protected]

Published: 22 Feb 2024