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A whimsical doorway: The vibrant story behind Tillie's mural

24 Jan 2024

When artist and designer Jasmine Kroeze received an email from a client, inviting her to create a mural on her daughter Tillie's bedroom door, it marked the beginning of a unique and exciting project. Jasmine knew Resene was right for the job with thousands of vibrant shades to choose from for the perfect mural.

The canvas, in this case, was not a traditional one, but rather a door in a brand-new 300sqm build home, radiating natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows along a long hallway.

The challenge was twofold: not only was this Jasmine’s first venture into door murals, but her youngest-ever client, 4-year-old Tillie, added an extra layer of whimsy to the creative process. Jasmine and her client embarked on a collaborative journey to craft a mural that would resonate with the entire family while injecting a sense of playfulness into Tillie's living space.

The design concept drew inspiration from Jasmine’s original artworks, ensuring a personal touch that would make the mural truly unique. To maintain cohesion with the rest of the home, the duo referenced existing colours like Resene Shabby Chic and Resene Pewter.

Jasmine selected shades that would infuse the space with warmth and playfulness. The key colour, a soft grey-green pewter shade – Resene Pewter, set the foundation, complemented by the warm terracotta of Resene Sante Fe and pastel tones in Resene Wafer and Resene Just Right. To satisfy Tillie's love for pink, Jasmine introduced a brighter apricot-toned pink named Resene Just Dance, creating a delightful contrast.

Grounding elements were achieved with Resene Double Tana and Resene Half Akaroa, contributing earthy green tones. The neutral hues of Resene Bone and Resene Cashmere acted as a cohesive thread, tying the entire palette together. The resulting array of colours injected fun into the space and transformed the hallway into a statement piece of original art leading to Tillie's room.


As with any creative endeavour, challenges emerged during the project. The smooth surface of the door, coupled with horizontal grooves, added complexity to the design process. Additionally, the door's brand-new brass hardware required careful consideration to preserve its beauty during the painting process.

For Jasmine, Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen was her go-to paint product for this mural. Its impeccable quality and versatility for mural projects, combined with the availability of testpot sizes, allowed her to experiment with a myriad of colours, achieving a stunning array of hues that brought the mural to life.

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Published: 24 Jan 2024