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Heritage Rescue: Cromwell revived

11 Aug 2016

From gold rushes to hydro-lake drowning, Cromwell has a colourful history and a museum to tell it. But needing to shake off it’s dated colour scheme and disconnected feel, the museum called in the experts from Choice TV’s Heritage Rescue programme.

Cromwell in Central Otago was one of the first places in the South Island to have a gold rush. In more modern times, the original township was drowned as part of a huge hydro powered dam project to create what is now Lake Dunstan.

The Cromwell Museum was originally built as a museum and information centre but had lost its shine and true purpose. 

With help from volunteers and the local rugby team, the drab green walls were repainted with fresh Resene Pearl Lusta to encourage flow-through to the rear part of the museum. To support the heritage nature of the museum, Resene Burnt Sienna from the Resene Heritage chart was a perfect fit used on cabinets and with a new photographic display, while recycled display panels were painted in Resene Merino.

It was essential to consider the types of paint used and how they could impact on the artefacts so only Resene waterborne paints with low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were used.

Here’s a glimpse of last Sunday’s programme, or to see more, see the episode here. For more heritage rescues, tune into to Choice TV this Sunday at 7.30pm.